Conductor Cloud Rendering

Key Features

Conductor is a secure cloud-based platform that easily integrates with VFX, VR/AR and animation pipelines to enable studios
to seamlessly offload rendering workloads to the cloud.

Cost Control Scalability Security Analytics

Frictionless Cost Control

Staying on Budget is Critical

We help you get there by giving you the information and control you need.

Automated Limits

Set and forget cost limits by project, shot, artist, or any custom metadata you can think of. Automated notifications and actions keep you in the know on spend and control consumption.

Cost Calculator

Estimate costs before sending to the cloud, or enhance accuracy with scout jobs.

Storage Management

Manage your current storage footprint, and remove any unwanted data.

All-inclusive Pricing

Eliminate unknown add-on costs. Everything you need to render in the cloud.


Capacity You Need, Right When You Need It

No more wasting money on idle render nodes or last minute hardware rentals. Scale instantaneously to the capacity
you need, then to zero when you're done.

Unparalleled Simultaneous Instances on Demand

Run as many jobs as necessary, in parallel, to meet your schedule.

Just in Time Storage Allocation

Grow storage when you need it, but only when you need it.

Unlimited Users

Pay for compute, not for user access.

Per-Minute Licensing

All the licenses you need to render, but only as you need them.


Your Production Is Safe With Us

Intrusion tested and ISE audited, we take security very seriously. We've built Conductor from the start with your security in mind, having architectural reviews with 3rd party security firms for every code change. We've earned our customers' trust, with approval on major projects such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, Game of Thrones, and Allied, among others.


Knowledge Is Power

We know how critical real time information is for projects. We give you the business oversight you need,
with the ability to customize as you see fit.

Data Insights Over Time

Whether day of, month-to-date, or any custom range, you have full visibility to historical insights. Usage, cost, machine types? It's all there.

Usage Mapping to Metadata

Want insights by artist? By shot? Our metadata mapping allows full customization of your analysis.

API Access to Usage History

Integrate your usage and cost history into other systems, if needed.

Cost Control Visualization

Understand and manage all your cost controls and alerts in one easy location, as well as how you're tracking against those targets.


With one simple price structure, cloud can cut rendering costs by half, and Conductor gets you there today.

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