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Conductor® Launches Blender Plug-in for Cloud Rendering

Native Integration Enhances Open Source Workflows

NEW JERSEY— January 18, 2024 — Specialized cloud provider CoreWeave today announced the release of a native integration between Conductor cloud-based rendering service and Blender open source 3D software. The new plug-in streamlines the experience of using Conductor with Blender, allowing users to begin rendering more quickly and easily without leaving their creative environment. 

Since CoreWeave’s acquisition of Concierge in 2019, the team has been dedicated to enhancing its online rendering service to give artists and studios greater control, support, and visibility into their cloud projects. The new Blender Plug-in on Conductor embodies this by enhancing open-source workflows for freelancers and small studios.  Once the Conductor Blender plug-in has been installed, users will see the Conductor drop-downdrop down menu in Blender in their render view.

“Conductor is for artists who want greater data visibility into their render jobs, enhanced cost control, and integration within their creative tools. Now, we’re able to bring that robust, turnkey functionality to Blender artists, reducing barriers to powerful compute so that they can create and experiment at even the highest levels,” said Mac Moore, CoreWeave Head of M&E.

Conductor Blender Plug-in Key Benefits: 

  • Automatic File Dependency Scraping: When submitted, jobs are automatically evaluated to ensure all the pieces are present and accounted for before the render begins, as opposed to artists checking manually. 

  • Increased Data Visibility: Dynamic feedback indicates what is happening when jobs are running and helps identify failure points so artists can troubleshoot when a job fails.

  • Comprehensive Cost Controls: With cost limits offered in addition to credits, artists can scale within a set cost threshold if the job requirements exceed the credits, providing artists greater budgeting flexibility.

In addition to the new Blender plug-in, Conductor integrates natively with Autodesk Maya and 3ds Max, Maxon’s Cinema 4D, Foundry’s Katana and Nuke, Adobe After Effects, and SideFX’s Houdini. It can also be used with many other popular digital content creation applications through custom scripting. Highly secure, Conductor uploads only the necessary files for rendering each submitted scene, and both the uploaded data and the resulting images are encrypted in cloud object storage. External audit firm Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) performs ongoing assessments of Conductor, ensuring the solution meets the rigorous security standards required by major studios

Compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems, Conductor can be used with Amazon Web Services (AWS )and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) compute resources, in addition to CoreWeave. For additional information on Conductor features and pricing, check out:

To learn more about CoreWeave, visit:


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