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Blender Plug-In for Conductor: Native Integration To Enhance Artists’ Workflows

Since CoreWeave’s acquisition of Conductor in early 2023, the team has been dedicated to enhancing Conductor's functionality for creators. That’s why we’re excited to announce the new Blender Plug-in on Conductor, enhancing open-source workflows for artists, creators, and small studios.

This native integration streamlines the experience of using Conductor with Blender by allowing users to render more quickly and easily without leaving their creative environment. 

See the Blender and Conductor Integration in Action

In the demonstration video below,  Mac Moore, Director of Media & Entertainment at CoreWeave, shows how the new Blender Plug-in for Conductor enables artists to: 

  • Render more efficiently with automatic job-checking pre-rendering 

  • Quickly troubleshoot if a job fails

  • Set a cost threshold for greater cost control

Conductor Blender Plug-in Key Benefits

Automatic File Dependency Scraping 

Forget manual job checking; all submitted jobs are automatically evaluated to ensure all the pieces are present before the render begins. 


Increased Data Visibility 

Identify potential failure points with dynamic feedback on running jobs, so you can quickly troubleshoot if a job fails.


Comprehensive Cost Controls 

Scale within a set cost threshold in case the job requirements exceed the credits, providing you with greater budgeting flexibility.

Rendered using the Conductor Blender Plug-in


About the Artist:

Alan Bolton is a digital artist from Ireland who specializes in surreal and abstract 3D animation and still image artwork. His clients and collaborations include Manchester City FC, JUST Water, Sour Strips, deadmau5, mau5trap, and Tiësto. You can discover more of his work at 

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