What We Do

Our mission is to accelerate the VFX and Animation industry's transition from local, fixed infrastructure to an on-demand, cloud-based model. Our passion for the filmmaking process, combined with the joy of geeking out on the latest cloud technologies, energizes us to keep pushing the envelope for our customers!

Our Story

In 2010, our CEO Kevin Baillie co-founded the visual effects company Atomic Fiction.

At the core of Atomic’s DNA was the idea that cloud computing would replace the traditional "render farm." To achieve the scalability, security, flexibility and economic requirements for A-List feature production, Conductor was developed. Following massive success on The Walk, Deadpool, Game of Thrones, and many more, Conductor was spun out of Atomic Fiction as a stand-alone company with the mission of making Conductor’s power available to the entire industry!

The Team

Our team is a blend of entertainment industry veterans and SaaS web development gurus.

While everyone on the team is a unique personality, we all share a common love for discovering and employing the latest in cloud technologies.

We’re headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoy a blended remote/on-site work environment, which provides our team with the best of both worlds: focused “alone time” plus rich team mind-melding every week.

Our Core Values

We believe that the cloud is the future of our industry, and see it as our obligation to help everyone get there as quickly and safely as possible.

Along the way, we pride ourselves on being communicative and honest, both internally and with our customers. Coming from backgrounds in production, we’re committed to offering the level of love and support that we know our customers need, whether its during on-boarding and testing, or in the heat of crunch time!

Future Vision

We've started by tackling the challenge of rendering and simulation, backed by Google Compute Engine, and have a very broad vision for the future.

We believe that nobody should be locked into a single cloud provider, so are expanding to be truly multi-cloud this year. Following on that, we want to help the industry transition fully to the cloud, workstations and all!

We believe that freedom from the shackles of all local infrastructure will be massively liberating, both creatively and economically, and are very excited to be a part of ushering along that sea change!

The Team

From entertainment industry veterans to SaaS gurus, we all bring something unique to Conductor, while sharing a common love for discovering and employing the latest in cloud technologies.

Kevin Baillie

Chief Executive Officer

Kevin launched his career in 1997 with Lucasfilm at the age of 18. After years of VFX Supervising on Hollywood's biggest films he co-founded the studio Atomic Fiction, which now employs 200 artists in 2 countries. There, Baillie spearheaded the creation of the cloud rendering platform, Conductor. Having spun Conductor out as a standalone company in 2015, Kevin is now leading the charge to accelerate adoption of cloud industry-wide.

Mac Moore

VP, Sales & Marketing

Mac brings over 18 years of enterprise sales experience to Conductor, along with a B.S. in Engineering from NC State. He recently joined from Autodesk, where he spent the last several years running a worldwide sales team for their M&E division. In that role, he was instrumental in expanding their partnerships with the industry’s biggest customers.

Will McDonald

VP, Product

Will has held both creative and technical leadership roles spanning across VFX, animation, and games - including roles at Autodesk, Electronic Arts, and Lucasfilm. He most recently led a consulting group at Autodesk focused on major M&E and AR/VR clients worldwide. Will resides in the Bay Area and holds a BFA in Visual Effects from the SCAD and an MS in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon.

Robert Jordan

Director, Platform Engineering

"RJ" has a long history in leadership roles at top VFX studios, including Industrial Light & Magic, ESC Entertainment, ImageMovers Digital and Atomic Fiction. Most recently, he was Engineering Manager at Linden Labs where he led Dev Ops, Systems Engineering, Build and Release, and Test Engineering teams.

Francois Lebel

Senior Software Engineer

Francois, backend and API developer extraordinaire, father, lover of cats, avid cyclist and runner. Developing for the web since 2003, he has worked in various B2B and B2C industries where he has built social, analytic, and Internet of Things platforms.

James Mayfield

Senior Software Engineer

Years of digital surgery deep under the hood at ImageMovers Digtial, Linden Lab and Sqor have given James a vast amount of experience with animation and web platforms.

Roman Naumenko

Senior Software Engineer

Roman likes to move across borders of countries and technologies: after graduating from the Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering in Russia, he eventually ended up in San Francisco working on all sort of systems and application in public clouds. With experience in DevOps he is making sure Conductor apps are running smoothly at any scale.

Lawrence Schlosser

Software Engineer

Lawrence has a wide breadth of experience in VFX, animation and games workflows at ImageMovers Digital, Atomic Fiction, Dr. D and Electronic Arts.

Amy Hersman

Executive Assistant

Amy is the team cheerleader. Her past experience spans from high-tech start-ups to medical non-profit; small companies to mega organizations. She thrives on helping enable others to be successful.

Edgar Flores

Software Engineer

Edgar is a generalist who's worked in many fields including: biological research, marketing/advertisement, security and many more. He brings his wide breadth of experience to the table while always looking to learn about something new.

Scott Ozawa

QA Lead

With over 15 years of QA experience at places like Lumity, Motif Investing, CFA Institute and Empirix mean that Scott has QA down to a fine art.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"For the first time in my career we were able focus all our energy on getting the shots to look great, not simply getting them rendered on time."

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