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Conductor® is a cloud-based task management application, designed to dramatically ease the onramp to massive-scale cloud rendering resources for the media and entertainment industry


Redefining cloud 
rendering for the creative masses

Built for artists by artists Conductor works on three simple principles; ease of use, collaboration, and optimizing time.

Our team of engineers are a mix of cloud specialists and VFX technical artists who strive to create the best experience for every user and keep pushing the cloud to the limit when it comes to rendering. Our engineers love devising elegant solutions for complex problems.



Key Features 



The Conductor platform enables studios and artists to access compute resources at scale with minimal configuration, management, and training. Conductor handles projects of every size, from render stills needing a single machine, to big-budget films that need to leverage hundreds of thousands of cores simultaneously.

From an artist’s point of view, Conductor can be seen as an extension of their local environment.

It is our job to provide a stable and extensible platform that allows artists and creative teams to use cloud resources without changing the way they work.

Dynamic Scale


As a truly multi-cloud platform, Conductor Technologies work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)  to provide a wide range of render node instance types, with reliable resource availability. This allows us to launch large quantities of instances on-demand, and ensure those resources are available when you need them. As soon as your work is complete, resources can be powered off, providing the most cost-efficient usage.

This on-demand scalable farm approach allows us to focus on the capacity needed for each shot, shifting away from the traditional attempts to maximize in-house or co-located resources, where studios must constantly chase forecasts to find peak future demand. With Conductor, render demand is accommodated down to the minute, based on render time, as opposed to wasteful weekly or monthly forecasts.

Conductor is designed to feel very much like using a local render farm. It automates all of the difficult "cloud stuff" to create a familiar, effortless process, and also eliminates the typical user burdens of FTP uploads, re-pathing scene dependencies, manual downloads, and human intervention. Conductor can live side-by-side with your local farm to provide additional capacity, or, if you're starting anew, alleviate the need to ever have a local farm.

Conductor's Partner and Product  Ecosystem

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Operating systems


Watch our video tutorials to see how to get started on Conductor

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