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Rendering Houdini simulations often requires a ton of compute resource. Conductor provides a flexible option for scaling as you need, and not accruing unnecessary costs

Conductor and Houdini - how it works 


Artists can now render huge, complex simulations in the cloud at the push of a button via the Conductor submitter. Once Conductor’s Houdini plug-in is installed, users have access to cloud-based compute resources through Conductor and submit render tasks without leaving the application. In most cases, users can have Conductor running in their Houdini workflow within minutes, and Houdini render licensing is automatically handled on the backend by Conductor. 


Conductor has your back and will automatically prompt you the option to send a scout frame to a virtual machine (VM) before committing your full scene to render. This function automatically scrapes your scene to ensure every element path is included and will inform you if anything is missing so that you can fix any issues.  Scout frames are super useful, as they will help prevent any unexpected results, or 'runaway' renders, and unwanted additional costs.


Additionally, Conductor allows you to monitor the progress of your renders in real-time, pause remaining rendering jobs when you are getting closer to your spending limits, and download rendered assets into one place.


Whether you have a lightweight or deeper production pipeline, Conductor has been designed to slip in seamlessly to create minimal disruption, making it the ideal solution for busy boutiques, or large studios looking to render in the cloud. 


Check out our handy tutorial on how to install the Conductor Submitter plug-in for Houdini here

Out-of-the-box, or customizable

Technical teams can use Conductor out of the box, or customize, using simple Python scripting, especially if wanting to take advantage of other integrations we have created. Artists can submit scenes to render from inside their favorite apps, allowing them to work in ways that are intuitive. 

Dashboards and analytics

Users can set spending limits inside Conductor and gain insights via in-app dashboards to help with future budgeting and billing on jobs. Plus users can get job feedback and monitor renders in real-time. Another handy feature of Conductor is all completed render jobs are stored in one place after completion and can be downloaded to any location.

Cloud zones and regions from day one

Additionally, Conductor customers get access to dozens of cloud zones and regions from day one. Conductor's intelligent systems can detect resource exhaustion and make educated decisions as to where to provision the render nodes to get your renders back as quickly as possible.  

Other software vendors supported on Conductor 

Learn more about how Conductor works

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