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Use Conductor to render your Nuke, Katana, Cara VR and Modo assets and scenes at scale in the cloud via Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Whether you're new to pipeline solutions built for the cloud, hybrid, or not sure where to start, Conductor is easy to set up, use, and manage. Conductor plugs in seamlessly into VFX and animation pipelines - via the Conductor Companion App and Conductor’s DCC submission plugins  - and supports the industry's most widely used 3d and 2d software applications.

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Conductor and Nuke


Our Conductor submitter for Nuke enables artists and compositors to iterate faster and submit assets and scenes to render in the cloud from within Nuke’s UI. Easy to install and use, Conductor is available on the industry’s most widely used 3d and rendering software applications. Whether you are using Pixar Renderman, Autodesk Maya, or Maxon Redshift, we’ve got you covered.  Ship renders direct to the cloud, using AWS or GCP and download all finished renders from one place.

Click here to see which versions of Nuke are supported on Conductor


Find out more about the Conductor Companion App and how you can start to use it

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Conductor and Katana 

Built to handle massive amounts of 3d scene data, Katana is a powerful tool indeed! With Conductor’s Katana Submitter tool, look-dev and lighting teams can render instances and scene passes at unparalleled speeds directly in the cloud enabling them to iterate faster, and when ready to commit to render, cut delivery timescales down by running large-scale render nodes simultaneously in the cloud.


In addition to our Submitter tool, we’ve also created a clever integration with AWS Thinkbox Deadline and with Autodesk ShotGrid enabling busy studios to streamline their workflows. And the best bit, Conductor allows studios access to near-infinite compute with no need to reconfigure production pipelines - it just plugs in.


Want to learn about how to submit Katana scenes to render in Conductor? Check out our tutorial

Learn more about How Conductor Works

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