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Rendering in the Cloud Just Got Better—and Faster.

Conductor customers can now access a broader, more powerful range of CPU and NVIDIA GPU compute resources on CoreWeave for rendering visual effects (VFX), animation, motion graphics, and design projects. It’s the same great experience on Conductor they know and love, but now with more ways to render more shots, shorten runtimes, and shrink costs.

Stress Less. Render More.

Conductor on CoreWeave helps modernize VFX and rendering workflows by providing flexible on-demand artist workstations, virtually unlimited rendering capacity, and network-attached storage. Additionally, CoreWeave offers modular solutions across the VFX pipeline to provide flexibility, scalability, and an intuitive path to migrating to the cloud.

“Conductor is a great solution that has worked really well for us, especially when we needed that extra push to find resources quickly across various data centers. Now, we’re fully cloud-based on CoreWeave, and the fusion of these two technologies on the backend is an exciting development that will ultimately help us work faster and more efficiently,”  

Rich Friedlander, co-founder and VFX supervisor at Brainstorm Digital.

No More

  • Managing infrastructure and administrative IT tasks

  • Days-long onboarding for new artists

  • Finding available compute resources in the cloud

  • Long wait times for renders to finish

  • Long wait time to reach support and solve an issue


  • Business-building projects for your IT team

  • Get up and started in just minutes or hours

  • Immediate access to available compute resource in the cloud

  • Free-up artists to be more efficient (more shots, more design time)

  • Hands-on time with our support engineers, usually in less than 1 hour


Claynosaurz - rendered using Conductor on CoreWeave

Conductor on CoreWeave Key Benefits

Performant, Available GPU Resources: 

CoreWeave provides on-demand access to NVIDIA Ampere GPU architecture, including NVIDIA RTX A5000 cards and NVIDIA RTX A6000 cards. This ensures that a studio’s local experience is preserved, if not enhanced, in Conductor on CoreWeave.


Consistent, Economical Pricing: 

Compute resources on CoreWeave are economically priced, and costs don't fluctuate based on demand. Though pricing aligns with spare compute offered by other cloud providers, CoreWeave resources on Conductor are always on-demand. This ensures customers' jobs will never be reallocated to a higher paying customer. Customers can be confident that their jobs will successfully render and they can plan accordingly, without additional wait time or budget overhead.

No Egress Charges: 

With no egress fees to move data between regions or cloud providers, customers using CoreWeave are not locked into long-term agreements that can have financial penalties. This allows customers to use Conductor on CoreWeave with greater flexibility.

Broad GPU Selection: 

CoreWeave provides comprehensive GPU options, allowing artists and studios to right-size their instance selections, instead of overpaying for more resources than they need. In many cases, Conductor on CoreWeave enables users to create configurations that will be more performant and at a lower cost than with cloud providers with more limited selections.


Access the Industry’s Broadest Range of GPUs:

CoreWeave offers a broader range of more modern, performant NVIDIA GPUs than other major cloud providers, contributing to improved performance, faster runtime, and lower overall costs for rendering on Conductor.

  • NVIDIA L40S (Coming Soon)

  • NVIDIA A6000 

  • NVIDIA A40

  • NVIDIA A5000

  • NVIDIA A4000

  • Quadro RTX 5000

  • Quadro RTX 4000


CoreWeave's Cloud Architecture

CoreWeave instances run on bare metal, eliminating the bloat of a hypervisor layer typical of generalized cloud infrastructure. This means better performance, which turns into less time waiting for renders, the ability to work closer to a deadline, more shots delivered, and greater cost-savings for your business.

"It's challenging to find performant cloud-based GPU availability,” said Mac Moore, CoreWeave Head of M&E. “CoreWeave is one of the only cloud providers offering NVIDIA RTX A5000 and A6000 cards, ensuring the artist’s local experience accurately translates to the cloud. With CoreWeave compute now supported, Conductor users ultimately have more flexibility; they can access the resources they need on demand and at a price point that fits their budget and production schedules.”

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