Conductor Cloud Rendering

Introducing Conductor Companion

The newest addition to our platform, Companion, is now in beta. Get to know the companion app that brings enhanced functionality and efficiency straight to your desktop!

Download Conductor Companion

Easily Access Help & Resources

In-app resources are available to point you to documentation, support and more! We have included a series of example tutorials within the documentation, as well as user guides and a quick overview of the app to help you get started.


Easily manage the various Conductor plugins from one simple location. Manage versions, and get notifications when new releases are available for your specific software packages.

Desktop Downloader

Download your rendered files straight to your desktop with this intuitive downloader function! Once logged in to the app, the downloader will populate with any files available for download.

Command-line-free Submissions

Custom submissions have never been easier. Use the Submission Kit to quickly send jobs to the cloud without the need for direct DCC integration or advanced Python scripting. A series of tabs allow you to manipulate settings, upload files, and more. With the aid of task templates, everything you need to get started is right at your fingertips!

Access comprehensive user guides and tutorials

Visit the documentation and get the most out of Conductor Companion

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