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Everything you need to renderefficiently in the cloud

With one simple price structure, cloud can cut rendering costs by half, and Conductor gets you there today.Use the Calculator to estimate costs by entering your current local runtimes on an equivalent machine.
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New users - Get a free credit of up to $50* when you sign up with Conductor

*$10 limit without adding a form of payment, remaining credits unlocked after.

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Key Pricing Features

The production-tested, multi-cloud solution you need, with an all-inclusive pricing model you can afford.

All-inclusive Pricing Model

Hardware, software, plugins; everything you need to render, rolled into one simple pricing model. Formal software agreements with Autodesk, Maxon, and others ensure no more worrying about additional license purchases.

Looking for additional discounting?

Prepayments on your account can earn up to 15% additional credits. Have a large project? Contact us for deeper volume-based discounts.

Staying on budget is critical

We help you get there by giving you the information and control you need.

Cost Control Features

Up to $50* Account Credit

$50 credited directly to your account for your first month to try us out.

*$10 limit without adding a form of payment, remaining credits unlocked after.

Flexible Limits

Set cost limits by project, shot, artist, or any custom metadata you can think of.

Per-second Pricing

Pay for what you use and not a second more.

Preemptible/Spot Instance Discovery

Automated low-cost instance discovery technology finds available resources in numerous cloud regions/zones, keeping costs down and productivity up.

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