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Conductor enables artists to take advantage of Redshift's core production strengths and leverage the power of the cloud to render at speed, as well as integrating seamlessly into Cinema 4D. Maxon’s tools include the award-winning Cinema 4D of 3D modeling, simulation and animation technology fame, and the biased GPU rendering application Redshift - also available on CPU.

Cinema 4d Submitter

Cinema 4D Conductor Submitter

We know that Cinema4D is the designer, VFX artists and motion designers' friend, and that speed and ease of use are super important. Our Conductor Submitter for Cinema 4D is an easy-to-use plug-in node that automatically ships scenes to render in the cloud directly from inside Cinema 4D’s UI, and can be used with Redshift, Autodesk’s Arnold, Pixar’s Renderman, Chaos’s VRay and Insydium Fused. Conductor’s Cinema 4d Submitter allows artists to iterate faster and render at scale and is accessible via the Conductor Companion app.

By using the attributes menu in the Condcutor Submitter, users can select the technical specs for the machines they require to complete the render and set cost limits to help manage product budgets. 

It is our goal to make sure you don't incur unwanted costs or delays. When you hit the ‘submit’ button, your scene is first checked for potential issues. For example, you must have a GPU-enabled machine selected for Redshift renders and you'll see a warning if that's not the case. Once this validation step is clear, the scene and assets are shipped to Conductor's render nodes.

By default, only a few tasks are set to render immediately. These are known as scout frames. The idea is that you wait for these to finish and check them visually before rendering an entire sequence. Remote rendering is a delicate process where a million things can go wrong, so we always recommend checking the scout frames. This feature saves our customers several thousands of dollars and many wasted hours every week.

Once your scene is finished rendering Condcutor will inform you and will automatically populate it into a folder that can slip easily into your file directory.

Click here to see which versions of Cinema 4D are supported on Conductor.

Find out more about the Conductor Submitter for Cinema 4d in this quick tutorial

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Maxon Redshift on Conductor

Redshift and Conductor

Conductor puts Redshift on steroids, enabling you to iterate and deliver faster. What normally could take hours, if not days to render, can now be done in the length of time it takes to render your longest scene. Render on 100’s if not 1000s of cloud render nodes, in parallel, using Conductor’s technology to automatically find CPU and GPU compute across AWS and GCPs regions and zones, ensuring you have the resources you need to get the job done.  


Using the easy-to-use attributes menu in the Conductor Companion App you can select Redshift Standalone on the machines of your choice and download all finished renders from one place. Conductor supports Cinema 4D, Autodesk Maya and Blender on Redshift.


Find out more about the Conductor Companion App and how you can start to use it

Cinema 4d and Redshift on Conductor

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