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Our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) means you can access Conductor directly from within Amazon’s Marketplace. Plus, our robust integration with AWS Thinkbox enables studios to take Deadline to the next level

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Deadline and Conductor Integration

Our AWS Thinkbox Deadline integration has been designed to make rendering in the cloud with Conductor as easy as the push of a button and simplifying 

We understand that every VFX studio has a slightly different architecture and workflow and that a one-size-fits-all solution often isn't enough to bridge that gap. Since a one-size-fits-all solution doesn't exist yet, technical resources are often forced to build a solution with scattered lego pieces, trying to figure out what makes the most sense for their pipeline. 

Our Deadline integration simplifies on-prem/hybrid cloud production for studios. Submit jobs via Deadline to Conductor and spin up 100s, if not 1,000s of virtual machines concurrently, effortlessly and efficiently. Conductor automates everything on the backend so that you can continue to work in ways that are intuitive, without having to spend time configuring and waiting for instances to render


Submitting jobs via Deadline to Conductor

Previously Deadline and Conductor operated independently of each other with studios required to run two completely different render farms -  not ideal at all.


Now both systems are able to communicate concurrently together. By offloading extra machines to Conductor, you can take Deadline beyond its peak and flatten your render usage by running thousands of additional render nodes at once to get your job done quickly.


Available compute resources in all supported regions

Conductor automatically searches for pockets of available compute resources in all supported regions.


Why is this important? Other rendering solutions currently only support looking for compute resources within a specific availability zone or region determined by where the job is submitted to which limits users to compute that might be available in other data centers across the world.


Every rendering job submitted to Conductor gets placed in the cloud region with the most compute resources available at the time of submission. Availability of CPU and GPU compute resources varies minute-by-minute, and Conductor is the only cloud rendering platform with the ability to operate across multiple cloud regions, automatically. This guarantees that you get the compute you require when you need it.


Ease of set-up, use, and management

Instead of spending days, weeks, or months working towards getting a pipeline extended to the cloud. With Conductor, studios can often do this in a matter of minutes without having to try and figure out, or pay someone to try and figure out, how each of their VFX or Animation pipelines would properly connect to the cloud.

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