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Cinema 4D and Redshift Availability on Conductor By Conductor Technologies, News & Updates

Usage-based rendering for Maxon's Cinema 4D and Redshift newly available on Conductor.

We recently expanded our platform to include GPU rendering support, and we're excited to share that we are now offering support for Maxon's Cinema 4D and Redshift.

Users can download our native Cinema 4D plugin, which is available now in beta, through a special release of Conductor Companion with a built-in plugin installer. To learn more about the beta, watch the walkthrough video below, or sign up to try it out.

"The ability for artists to improve design visualization and generate content in shorter timeframes is critical in today’s content production environment," said David McGavran, CEO, Maxon. "The easy integration Conductor offers into existing workflows will allow our Cinema 4D and Redshift customers the flexibility to take full advantage of cloud computing power to accelerate turnaround times and deliver greater photorealistic and high-resolution imagery."

Click here to view the full press release from Maxon.

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