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Conductor® Adds Support for SideFX’s Houdini

We are delighted to announce that SideFX’s Houdini is now supported in the Conductor cloud platform, allowing easy integration for users!

Once Conductor’s Houdini plug-in is installed, customers are now able to access cloud-based compute resources through Conductor and submit render tasks without leaving the application. In most cases, users can have Conductor running in their Houdini workflow within minutes, and Houdini render licensing is automatically handled on the backend by Conductor.

Rendering Houdini simulations often requires a ton of RAM. Rather than sink money into local machines or lock up an on-prem farm to complete this work, Conductor provides a flexible option for scaling as you need, and not accruing unnecessary cost.

A multi-cloud platform for rendering high compute needs workflows, Conductor can be used with Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems, leveraging resources from Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) through Conductor or in the cloud providers’ respective marketplaces.

Want to know more about how to start rendering your Houdini scenes using Conductor?


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