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Whitepaper: Setting up a Virtual Studio With Conductor and Shotgun By Jesse Lehrman, Senior Pipeline Developer, Conductor Technologies

Read our latest whitepaper to learn how to set up an entirely cloud-based workflow with Conductor and Autodesk's Shotgun, including details on virtual workstations and cloud-based storage.

Conductor’s rendering service and Autodesk’s Shotgun production management system are industry-leading, cloud-based solutions. Individually, they are both indispensable tools for any CG studio or professional that are looking for an optimal remote workflow. When combined and integrated with each other, it becomes possible to have a truly automated, cloud-based workflow.

In this whitepaper, we provide all the technical details of how to set up such a workflow that’s entirely cloud-based, including details on virtual workstations and cloud-based storage.

This whitepaper represents the beginning of Conductor’s effort and research into deeply integrating with other cloud-based industry platforms. In the near future, expect to see Conductor integrated into Shotgun’s event system to allow for seamless studio automation.

Check out the video below, which demonstrates the workflow detailed in the whitepaper, or to read more, download the whitepaper.

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