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Announcing 3ds Max Support By Conductor Technologies, News & Updates

Today, we’re expanding our Autodesk portfolio by launching initial support for 3ds Max. This exciting new integration is critical for some of our VFX and animation studios and unlocks Conductor for architectural visualization firms that need an easier path to cloud resources. Similar to our other offerings, artists will have the ability to submit from a familiar 3ds Max environment, with initial support for Arnold and V-Ray. The plugin directly integrates with the DCC, automatically sending scene files to Conductor for cloud rendering execution, and enables the submission of scout frames to verify scene correctness, all while offering a multitude of machine options. 

(Above: Conductor submitter for 3ds Max)

This initial release will target our current Linux cloud environment by exporting Arnold or V-Ray scene files that can run natively outside of Windows. Conductor will handle the path translation for this operation, so Windows users won’t have to contend with any conversion complexities. Our next iteration, coming in Q2-2021, will include a native Windows backend, unlocking the potential for Windows-based add-on plugins typically found in 3ds Max environments, including render support for Chaos Group’s Corona Renderer.

To get started with the new plugin, you can go to the Conductor Companion page and download our desktop management application. Once installed, there will be a plugins page. Simply click the install button, and the plugin will become available in the Rendering menu next time 3ds Max is started.

(Above: Companion application Plugin window for installing the 3ds Max submitter)

If you’re new to Conductor, you can easily open an account by clicking here. Once you create your new account, you’ll have $50 of free credits to try out the service, and check out the new plugin! 

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