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Thomas Phariss Joins Conductor® As VP Of Sales

Conductor Technologies Is Expanding

We're super excited to announce that Thomas Phariss has joined the company as Vice President of Sales, a newly formed role

Thomas brings more than 20 years of experience in high performance computing and render management technology to the position. As Conductor VP of Sales, he’ll help creative studios quickly leverage cloud-based compute resources. He comes to Conductor from Amazon Web Services (AWS), which he joined following its acquisition of Thinkbox Software.

“For almost my entire career, I’ve focused on helping companies solve high performance computing problems, long before cloud-based rendering hit the mainstream. We’ve now reached a point where studios recognize the advantage of the cloud for completing more iterations, meeting tight deadlines, taking on more customers, and accommodating talent around the world. Conductor makes it easy to begin running high volume workflows on the cloud in a matter of minutes to hours, and I’m excited to bring that capability to studios of all sizes,” Phariss shared.

“It’s hard to imagine a more perfect fit for Conductor than Thomas. He has a deep technical understanding of the pipeline issues that studios face in production and knows how to guide customers to make the most of cloud-based compute. We know that he will be an invaluable resource for customers and are ecstatic to grow our team with such accomplished talent,” said Mac Moore, Conductor CEO.

As Director of Sales at Thinkbox Software, Phariss enabled clients across media and entertainment, engineering, architecture, and design to make the most of their on-premises and cloud-based compute resources with Deadline render management solution, as well as equip artist with tools such as Krakatoa, Frost and Stoke. He started with the company in 2012, and remained an instrumental part of the team following its acquisition by AWS in 2017. His role then expanded to extend cloud-based solutions across the entire production cycle, including for high profile studios that work on billion-dollar franchises. Phariss began his career in creative technology with Universal Computer Systems and AMD, and has also held sales roles at PipelineFX and BOXX. He is based in Austin, TX.


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