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Synaptik Digital Leverages Conductor to Meet Tight Animation Deadlines

Equal parts scientist and artist, Batista helps clients convey important information, largely through animation, in a simplified way for applications across health and medical industries, including pharmaceutical, biotech, academic institutes, and non-profit.

Based out of Synaptik Digital's New Jersey office, Batista was initially able to use only his workstation for rendering, coordinating projects with his supervisor to ensure adequate local resources. As his medical illustration department has both grown in size and scope of work handled, rendering demands have also increased. To render their workload, Batista and his team looked to scale in the cloud, testing out different approaches as projects required and allowed, to varying degrees of success. He discovered Conductor in the thick of a recent production when the rendering solution he was using repeatedly failed.

“I signed up for Conductor the day of our deadline, and Conductor was able to deliver on time; I was quite impressed, to say the least,” said Batistia. “Making a Conductor account was really easy, and the platform worked well from the onset. The interface is super intuitive, and I like that all the relevant documentation is posted so I can figure things out on my own. If I do need help, the support team is very responsive. I feel like their entire team was backing me up.”

Batistia’s project featured three minutes of render-heavy 3D animation, including particle dynamics. Using Conductor, Batista was able to complete final rendering for the project in less than a day. Based on such a positive experience, he intends to continue relying on Conductor for future projects and further integrate the service into the studio’s pipeline. “Conductor will be a big part of the animation workflow here, and I’m going to recommend it to all of the artists on my team,” Batista concluded. “Not only does Conductor have the back-end setup figured out, but the level of support they provide is unprecedented. I’ve never seen anything like it offered by any other rendering service.”

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