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Netflix Techblog: Helping VFX studios pave a path to the cloud

Netflix today announced that the company has “teamed-up with key partners AWS and Conductor Technologies to provide our diverse roster of global VFX studios with special access to essential resources that simplify the migration path to cloud infrastructure. As a result of these collaborations with AWS and Conductor Technologies, VFX studios working on Netflix projects receive dedicated technical support, hands-on solutions architecture engagement, and streamlined rate cards for both compute pricing and licensing costs. VFX studios of all sizes can leverage these vendors to customize their deployment to meet unique rendering needs of their productions.”

Details about the agreement and how these new relationships will assist VFX studios can be found on the Netflix Techblog here

In most cases, studios can use Conductor with existing pipelines, as it supports industry-standard render management systems, including AWS Thinkbox Deadline and Pixar’s Tractor. Built for artists, by artists, and backed by pipeline engineers and cloud specialists, Conductor supports the industry’s most widely used creative applications and is accessed in those environments natively via a plug-in.

Conductor is a multi-cloud platform, available via web, the Conductor Companion app, and in the AWS and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) marketplaces. Studios with on-premises resources can use Conductor in tandem for hybrid scenarios.


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