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Conductor® joins Google Cloud’s partner ecosystem

Rendering in the cloud just got easier - Conductor joins Google Cloud’s partner ecosystem to supercharge media and entertainment production workflows

Raleigh, NC (April 24, 2022) --- Conductor Technologies today announced that its secure, production-proven visual effects and animation rendering platform has partnered with Google Cloud, and is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace as the go-to cloud rendering solution.

With dispersed teams, sustainability, and cost-conscious productions now the norm, studios and artists require transparent, efficient, and secure workflow solutions for rendering. Conductor allows artists to render high-quality imag

es, on-demand from anywhere across the globe, while enabling producers to be fully in control of costs via robust insights tools. Conductor’s secure environment ensures audit-compliance standards are met, making it the ideal rendering solution for long-form and short-form productions. Conductor is gaining momentum in broadcasting, advertising, and 3D graphic simulation production pipelines, and is currently being used by some of the world’s most recognizable studios.

Kip Schauer, Global Head of Media and Entertainment Partnerships,

Google Cloud, shared, “Removing the complexity of rendering in the cloud is important to enabling studio organizations with the flexibility to meet increasing demand. We’re pleased to have partnered with Conductor, which is available on Google Cloud Marketplace, and provide our customers with the solutions and expertise needed to grow at scale in the cloud.”

Mac Moore, CEO and President at Conductor Technologies, “This is an exciting milestone for Conductor, and we’re thrilled to be in partnership with Google Cloud. I believe this endorsement is critical for artists and studios looking for an efficient way to leverage Google compute resources, and along with our Google Cloud Marketplace offering, which allows studios a true turnkey solutio

n for cloud rendering on their platform. It also further bolsters our ambition at Conductor of becoming the gold standard for cloud enablement in the media and entertainment industry.”


Conductor Technologies will be at NAB 2022 Book a one-on-one briefing and demonstration with a Conductor representative to learn more about the company’s tools, and solutions. Also, be sure to visit Google LLC’s Booth W4830MR at NAB 2022, which is located in the West Hall Las Vegas Conv

ention Center.

For more information on rendering with Conductor on Google Cloud Platform, check out:


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