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Cyber Week 2022 Offer

Stress Less. Render More.

At Conductor, we’re all about making life easier and creating more efficiencies for teams working in VFX and CGI production. Why not prepay and get bonus points whilst you’re at it in our special Cyber Week offer?

Got a big job coming up? Why not plan ahead and prepay in advance! Cut your render costs by up to 30% and slash render times in half, if not more. The best bit, you’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

To take advantage of this offer, simply log into your account and prepay via the Payment Information tab in the Admin area of the dashboard. Don't have an account with us yet and want to take advantage of this offer? Fear not - sign up today HERE

Prepay And Get A Credit Bonus On Us!

Option 1

Prepay $500 USD and get 10% bonus credit automatically added (value $50 USD)

Option 2

Prepay $1,000 USD and get 20% bonus credit automatically added (value $200 USD)

Option 3

Prepay $2,500 USD and get 25% bonus credit automatically added (value $625 USD)

Option 4

Prepay $5,000 USD and get 30% bonus credit automatically added (value $1,500 USD)

Want to pay more? Get in touch! Email [email protected] to chat with one of the team.


Does credit need to be used within a certain time frame? If so, when?

The credit expiration date is 11.59 pm (PST) on December 31, 2023

What time does the offer close?

The offer closes at 11.59 pm PST Sunday, December 4, 2022. Any pre-payments after 11.59 pm PST Sunday, December 4, 2022 will not receive bonus credit as per offer.

Are all my render costs included in this offer?

All Conductor service fees* are included in the offer. *service includes compute and software licences (per hour, prorated by minute)

Do new customer gets the extra $ 50 credit that they would normally receive, on signing up for an account, as well as bonus credit on prepay?

Yes, this will be extra credit on top of the initial $50 credit received during sign-up.

Can I pay more than the options outlined above?

Yes! You can prepay any amount above $5,000 and continue adding a 30% bonus. For example, if you pay $10,000, you will receive a bonus credit of $3,000. For any additional questions please contact [email protected]


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