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Conductor Releases New Companion App; Adds Blender Support

Today we announced Conductor Companion, a new desktop application that simplifies the use of our cloud-based rendering service. Tailored for boutique studios and freelance artists, Companion further streamlines the Conductor on-ramp and rendering experience, allowing users to easily manage and download files, write commands, and handle custom submissions or plug-ins from their laptops or workstations. Along with this release, we have added initial support for Blender creative software.

“Conductor was originally designed to meet the needs of larger VFX studios, focusing our efforts on maximizing efficiency and scalability when many artists simultaneously leverage the platform and optimizing how Conductor hooks into those pipelines. As Conductor’s user base has grown, we’ve been blown away by the number of freelance artists and small studios that have come to us for help, each of which have their own unique needs. Conductor Companion is a nod to that community, bringing all the functionality and massive render resource scale of Conductor into a user-friendly app, so that artists can focus on content creation versus pipeline management. And given that focus, it was a no-brainer to add Blender support, and we are eager to serve the passionate users of that product.” said Mac Moore, CEO, Conductor Technologies.

He added, “Additionally, this app will be the foundation of our Intelligence Hub in the near future, acting as a gateway to more advanced functionality like Shot Analytics and Intelligent Bid Assist. These features will leverage AI and Conductor’s expansive cloud knowledge to help owners and freelancers make more informed business decisions as it pertains to project-to-project rendering financials.”

Ryan Bellgardt, Creative Director at Boiling Point Media in Oklahoma City, OK deployed Conductor for creature heavy CG on feature films. “One of the ways Conductor really stands out is for the human component,” said Bellgardt. “Conductor Companion is an extension of that above and beyond service; they recognized the unique needs of smaller studios like us and evolved Conductor in way that gives us the best of both worlds.” Added Dan Moyer, Senior VFX Artist, “You don’t see many successful VFX houses smack dab in the Midwest, and I’m not sure we’d be able to create the work we do within our current budgets and timelines without cloud rendering. Conductor has been great for us and I’m really looking forward to the additional ease-of-use features of Conductor Companion.”

To download the app, visit:

In addition to Blender, applications currently supported by Conductor include Autodesk Maya and Arnold; Foundry’s NUKE, Cara VR, KATANA, MODO and Ocula; Chaos Group’s V-Ray; Pixar’s Renderman; Isotropix’s Clarisse; Golaem; Ephere’s Ornatrix; Yeti; and Miarmy. For more information on Conductor features and pricing, visit or contact [email protected].


About Conductor Technologies

Conductor is a secure cloud-based platform that enables VFX, VR/AR and animation studios to seamlessly offload rendering and simulation workloads to the public cloud. As the only rendering service that is dynamically scalable to meet the exact needs of even the largest studios, Conductor easily integrates into existing workflows, features an open architecture for customization, provides data insights and can implement controls over usage to ensure budgets and timelines stay on track. Visit and follow @ConductorTech for more information.


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