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Conductor® at NAB 2023

Escape the madness of the show floor and see a special preview of Conductor on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5.2, plus more! To set up a private demo of the latest Conductor functionality during NAB 2023, contact [email protected].

This new integration will enable artists working in Unreal Engine 5.2 to submit shots within the new RenderGrid feature in Movie Render Queue and render final outputs on the cloud using Conductor. With Conductor providing the ability to dynamically scale cloud-based compute resources, the new workflow removes extra steps when rendering multiple assets in Unreal Engine, including creating variations of the same creative assets for live broadcast events or localized versioning.

“Every second counts in live broadcast and the Conductor Unreal Engine plug-in accelerates the creation of high quality, customized assets. It simplifies access to cloud elasticity so artists can quickly render final pixel deliverables at scale,” said Mac Moore, Head of Media and Entertainment, CoreWeave. “If RenderGrid spawns ten render scenarios, the Conductor plug-in will submit those ten jobs simultaneously to cloud, render those jobs in parallel, and return the resulting images to the artist.”

Commenting on the new functionality, FOX Sports Senior Vice President of Graphic Technology and Integration Zac Fields noted, “We are big cloud users so we’re definitely interested in advancements that allow us to work more efficiently, such as being able to access Conductor through RenderGrid.”

In addition to the new integration preview, we will also showcase support for Adobe After Effects in Conductor, which is now available.

Conductor Integration with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 5


Hot off the tail of GDC 2023, we’ve been working closely with Epic to integrate UE5 onto Conductor. This integration will remove extra steps when rendering multiple assets created in UE on the cloud. Submit shots, and/or derivations of shots, automatically to render directly within the new RenderGrid feature, which is part of Unreal Engine 5.2. Especially useful when creating multiple variations of the same creative assets, at scale, for localized and dispersed broadcasting events, idents and commercials.

Adobe After Effects and Maxon Cinema 4d Broadcast workflow on Conductor


Our Adobe After Effects integration is now commercially available for you to use! Submit any AE comp in your render queue to Conductor for rendering in the cloud. Supporting After Effects versions 2022 upwards.


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