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Backed by the near-infinite compute of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, and armed with a very broad vision for the future, we’ve started by tackling the challenge of rendering and simulation.

"We’re seeing the instant availability and scale of cloud resources lead studios to take on more projects, driving increased revenue, and expanding their business."
Mac Moore - President / CEO, Conductor Technologies

Cloud Vision for Conductor

Cloud rendering is the tip of the iceberg. From machine learning and analytics to full workflow virtualization, we're working like hell to help you realize the full potential of the future.
Years ago we saw the synergy between fluctuating production schedules and the elastic nature of cloud computing. That vision is now a reality with many studios across our industry. But as cloud adoption matures, so too does the willingness to use it more pervasively. We feel cloud rendering is the tip of the iceberg and that our industry will quickly move to a "cloud-first" approach. Providers like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon build out more infrastructure daily, driving down cost, and making financial comparisons that much more attractive. We will be there when this happens, enabling the full vision of your studio in the cloud.

Why Cloud?

The era of building out your own render farm is over. With cloud resources, studios can get all the compute they need and only for the time they need it. A better question to ask is, "Why would you use anything else?"
Not so long ago, if you wanted to start your own business or expand an existing business, there was a sizable amount of capital investment involved. Historically, one of the most expensive line items has always been the purchase of rendering and computer hardware. This led to an inequality in the market between the "haves" with capital and the "have-nots" without. Cloud has become the great equalizer by allowing smaller operations to scale as much or as little as the business needs at that moment. This "just-in-time" operation also allows for a project-based revenue stream to cover that cost without the risk of upfront forecasting. It's our mission at Conductor to make good on the cloud's promise.
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