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Core Values

From backgrounds in film production and software development, the cloud has brought us together, sharing a common purpose. Come explore what makes us tick.

While everyone on the team is a unique personality, we all share a common love for discovering and employing the latest in cloud technologies.

At Conductor, we are truly cloud-first. Our belief in the power of the cloud fueled our transition to a fully remote work environment in 2018. Each member of our team has the freedom to work wherever they feel most productive, while benefitting from a connected and collaborative virtual environment.
We are constantly pushing ourselves to uncover the upcoming needs of the industry, before it's easily understood, and ensure we're making solutions that match that direction.
Open Communication
We pride ourselves on being open and honest, both internally and with our customers. This leads to quicker resolution of items, and better long-term working partnerships. With us, you're family
We love what we do, and bring that with us every day. Whether enhancing our service or helping out studios, we're eager to take on the challenge!
"Moving to the cloud offers the opportunity to not only scale capacity - but also your ability understand and automate optimization and cost savings for the future."
Francois Lebel - Director of Engineering, Conductor Technologies

Core Values

Passionate about cloud, and where it can take our industry, we, at Conductor, are working to enable its full potential, and are excited for what lies ahead.
As we head down that path, we will do so in a communicative and honest fashion, both internally and with our customers. With our production background, we’re committed to offering the level of love and support that we know our customers need, whether its during on-boarding and testing, or in the heat of crunch time! Join us, knowing we will always have your back!

We Are Hiring

Passionate about cloud, and how it's changing the industry? We want to hear from you!

Senior Solutions Engineer

You'll need to have prior experience developing tools and pipelines for VFX, games, animation, or other areas in the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry.

Customer Success Manager

As the first Customer Success hire at Conductor, you'll take the support baton from our engineering team and carry it forward.

Back-End Software Engineer

Come help build our product with the core engineering team! You will need to have prior experience developing back-end services and APIs.

QA Lead

Love working with new technology and take pride in releasing great products? Come join us as our Quality Assurance Lead!


Wondering where the industry is heading? We're happy to share our take.


With one simple price structure, cloud can cut rendering costs by half, and Conductor gets you there today.

Latest News& Updates

From product updates and events, to our thoughts on the industry. Come listen in.

Technical Specs

Ready to peek under the hood? The spot for current compatibility, system operation requirements, and more.

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