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A Letter To Our Customers By Mac Moore, President/CEO, Conductor Technologies

These past few weeks have had a tremendous impact on our user community, and the industry as a whole. With the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout the world, and many studios being forced into remote work environments, we want to do everything we can to ease the disruption, and keep projects moving.  

To that end, we’ve decided to enact the following changes through at least May 2020:


Render at Cost

For studios enabling temporary remote strategies, we recognize this transition was not forecasted in current budgets and we need to minimize the financial impact as much as we can. To that end we will be waiving the Conductor charges for orchestrating renders in the cloud, leaving only our internal costs for the cloud compute and 3rd party software. Our updated pricing is now reflected in the cost calculator on our Pricing page.

Free Virtual Wrangling

To help expedite any transition needs, the Conductor team will be on-call for virtual render wrangling of cloud submissions, from debugging scenes and scripts, to optimizing settings for cost, turnaround time, etc. If you need this option, simply drop us a note, at [email protected].  

Online Sessions

We are currently working with a number of partners to set up online training sessions, helping studios quickly adopt cloud strategies and workflows. As these are formalized, we will send out further notifications. We are also available for 1:1 studio sessions as needed, for those with more specific pipeline considerations.  

We at Conductor admire the tireless work of our creative community and want to reinforce that we are here for you in these uncertain times, when you need us.


Mac Moore



We're here to help.

We have set aside time slots to speak to anyone with questions or concerns, or who may wish to discuss anything mentioned above. Please feel free to schedule a meeting via the link below.

Schedule a Meeting

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