Kevin Baillie
Chief Executive Officer

Kevin started with Lucasfilm in 1997 at the age of 18, and has since led teams from 5 to 300+ artists in creating Visual Effects for over 35 feature films.

He co-founded Atomic Fiction in 2010, which leveraged cloud computing from day 1. In the past 6 years, Atomic has grown to over 150 artisans in two countries, and has won awards for its work in film & TV.

Monique Bradshaw
VP Business Development & Operations

Monique has over 15 years of experience leading teams in the M&E and technology spaces, with a B.S. in Engineering from Stanford University.

She served as Head of Technology at Lucasfilm Animation, CTO at Weta Digital, and Head of IT for Animal Logic.


Robert Jordan
Engineering and Systems Lead

"RJ" has a long history in leadership roles at top VFX studios, including Industrial Light & Magic, ImageMovers Digital and Atomic Fiction.

Most recently, he was Engineering Manager at Linden Labs where he led Dev Ops, Systems Engineering, Build and Release, and Test Engineering teams.

Justin Onstine
Senior Software Engineer

Following on his B.S. in Computer Science from UC Santa Cruz, Justin spent 13 years at DreamWorks Animation designing and building large-scale visual effects workflows. As a department head there, he oversaw the most complicated workflows at the studio. 


Lawrence Schlosser
Software Engineer

Lawrence has a wide breadth of experience in VFX, animation & games workflows at ImageMovers Digital, Atomic Fiction, Dr. D & Electronic Arts.

James Mayfield
Senior Software Engineer

Years of digital surgery deep under the hood at ImageMovers Digtial, Linden Lab and Sqor have given James a vast amount of experience with animation & web platforms


Scott Ozawa
QA Lead

Over 15 years of QA experience at places like Lumity, Motif Investing, CFA Institute and Empirix mean that Scott has QA down to a fine art.

Justin Stokman
Product Engineer

Brings his years of SaaS product engineering expertise to the Conductor team. Hails from Personal Capital, Motif Investing, SideReel amongst others.