A few frequently asked questions.


+ When will I be able to sign up?

You can sign up for our public beta today, and we're planning to come out of beta by SigGiggraph of 2017. We'll be continually improving the product and adding support for additional applicaitons between now and then. Conductor's beta is currently being used heavily in production, and we'd love your feedback too!

+ How will I set up a Conductor account?

Setting up an account to use Conductor is simple and only takes a few minutes. If you don’t already have one, you'll create a user profile at conductorio.com. Once your username and password have been configured, you can use the sign-up wizard to guide you through the following steps:

  • Creating your first project
  • Adding users (optional)
  • Setting up payment information
  • Setting up account and project cost limits (optional)

+ What cloud does Condcutor run in?

Our public beta is backed by Goolge Compute Engine. Conductor was designed as a cloud-agnostic platform, enabling you to choose which cloud to use on a project-by-project (or even job-by-job) basis. To that end, we're adding support for Microsoft Azure in the coming months! Stay tuned for more news on that front as SigGraph nears.

+ How secure is Conductor?


We recognize that data security is of critical importance and we are always working to make sure our security features are top-notch. Trusting in the integrity of your data is the cornerstone of our relationship with you, and we are committed to providing the safest possible product.

We tightly control access to the system, encrypt data during transmission and at rest. To make sure we never miss a beat, we've engaged with the external audit firm Independent Security Evaluators (securityevaluators.com) to perform objective, regular assessments of the Conductor platform and aggressively conduct tests to make sure we're walking the walk. For more information on the latest ISE evaluation, contact us at info@conductorio.com.

+ What does it cost?

Conductor charges are based on how much you use - each instance type has a cost which includes the system, I/O, and software licensing. You are billed per minute of use with a 10 minute minimum. Storage is a separate charge and is based on amount of space used over a month period. You can find pricing for your exact "recipie" of supported products here.

+ What software is supported?

Conductor is continually working to increase the number of software packages that are supported by the service, so check back frequently for updates! At launch, Conductor will support the following:

  • Katana
  • Maya
  • Nuke
  • Ocula
  • CaraVR
  • V-Ray
  • Arnold
  • Clarisse

+ What OS platforms are supported?

For the client OS, we support Linux and MacOS platforms, and have Windows support for select software packages. The Conductor application seamlessly translates your environment to run on the Linux render systems. See our documentation for full details.

We get a lot of questions asking if we'll ever support Windows-only applications. The answer is: yes! It's just a matter of time, and we'll get there for ya'!

+ Is there a user forum where I can talk to other Conductor users?

Not yet, but it’s coming! We’ll announce via email and the ConductorIO website when the release date is imminent.

+ What are the system requirements?

Our client tools are supported on the following range of client OSs.

  • Windows
    • Windows 7 x64
    • Windows 8.x x64
    • Windows 10.x x64
  • MacOS
    • OSX 10.9+
  • Linux
    • Centos 6.x x64
    • Centos 7.x x64

+ What happens to my data when I log off of Conductor?

Your data is safe with us! Anything that you’ve uploaded into Conductor is securely stored for 60 days from last access, at which point we automatically prune it to keep your storage costs down. Files that are created in Conductor are stored until you verify the completion of each individual project.

+ How do I suggest a feature?

We really value all of the suggestions from our customers, and evaluate each one individually. To make a suggestion on a feature or enhancement to Conductor, please write to us at support@conductorio.com and provide as much information as you feel necessary to fully communicate your idea.